-about Dr. Thoring



I, Dr. Todd Thoring, graduated in 1999 from the well respected John Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. I am currently licensed in my native State of California to practice primary care as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Since 2002, I have been committed to the integrative treatment of tick born infections and chronic degenerative disease. This specialty was not intended yet rather brought about by a single patient with the diagnosis of chronic Lyme Disease which in turn prompted me to reevaluate and test many other patients revealing a much greater problem than I was taught. This eye-opening pivotal patient changed my practice forever, as well as made me realize how little I knew about this complex, elusive and devastating disease. I then decided to embrace this calling and learn as much as I could through ILADS, CALDA, patients, conferences and preceptorships with the leading Lyme disease experts.

Over the last several years, it has been my goal to make a positive contribution to the community through incorporating experience, Naturopathic theory, research and traditional use of herbal medicine from around the world to produce sophisticated and reliable formulations.

The most important thing I have learned is that we, doctors and patients, need all the help we can get while using the best medicine for each individual patient for a given period of time whether that medicine is natural or not. It is my belief that we need to be dynamic and attentive in our treatments, focusing on the patient as well as the disease. 

When it comes to treating patients with prescription antibiotics, it is only one piece of a greater comprehensive treatment plan. I believe that antibiotics will not be the treatment modality that will take patients to the finish line of healing, but rather their innate healing response supported by a strong immune, endocrine / hormone, and detoxification system. I am dedicated to the principles of Naturopathic medicine in my clinical practice and product formulations.