General & Family Practice with emphasis on comprehensive individualized care focused on educating the patient related to their obstacles to good health and empowering them with the tools to heal that can last a lifetime.


• Tick Born Disease including viral, parasitic, mycoplasma, & fungal infections

• Immune support including Naturopathic & complimentary care for Oncology/cancer, autoimmune disease, & allergies

• Comprehensive detoxification to address environmental toxins, heavy metals & biological toxins including mold related illness

• Functional endocrinology using customized hormone replacement therapy & nutritional

• Gastrointestinal disorders & dysfunction

• Common skin conditions that include acne, rosacea & dermatitis

• Neurological & cognitive support

• Mood support for anxiety & depression

Our evaluation uses the latest and progressive cutting edge laboratory testing as well radiographic imaging and specialist referrals as needed for diagnosis. Dr. Thoring takes a detailed comprehensive history along with physical exam to establish the foundation for diagnosis and initiate working diagnoses that are then supported through testing along while evaluation of clinical response to specific treatments. Dr. Thoring uses many modalities in his treatment plan that include, but not limited to: clinical nutrition/diet/lifestyle changes, botanical/herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine/specific vitamin and mineral supplementation, complex homeopathy, and prescription medications. Choosing the appropriate treatment is centered on the patient, condition and timing. Dr. Thoring frequently refers to Erika Eddy for  acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, cranial sacral therapy, Reiki and Tui Na to compliment his care and patient healing. Whether its a common cold or complex chronic disease, Dr. Thoring provides patient center care with multifaceted treatments.

What to Expect

Prior to your appointment we recommend you download the new patient paperwork and policies.

Download forms here

• Please read & complete prior to your appointment and bring to your appointment.

• Please bring in copies of previous lab results and relevant records. We recommend that patients with complex and extensive histories compile a chronology of symptoms along with specialists seen, testing, medications with response to those treatments and any other relevant history.

• Please write down questions and expectations to be reviewed with Dr. Thoring. Also those patients with chronic or complex conditions, we recommend you come in with a friend or family member to help with taking notes, asking questions and support! PNMC is committed to your success and are always working to help you with all aspects of your care.

First visits can be 45-60 min for general practice care and establishing primary care. We also will accommodate new patients for acute appointments that may only require 30 min, such as upper respiratory infections or recent tick bites requiring immediate care with less complexity. Complex first visits can be 75 min to 2 hrs. Your first visit will include an extensive review of your history and medical records. We will answer your questions and provide information related to establishing a working diagnosis to initiate laboratory work and develop treatment strategies. After your physical exam and discussion pertaining to short term and long term goals, Dr. Thoring will order labs and develop treatment considerations and write prescriptions if needed. Your treatment plan will be written out and reviewed with you by our staff.

PNMC is always available to answer questions once you leave and between your next appointment. Our natural pharmacy/apothecary staff can provide you with any products you may need. Dr. Thoring will recommend a follow up visit in 2-4 wks to review labs and evaluate your clinical response to initial treatment. We recommend communicating with PNMC if you have questions regarding your treatment or dramatic symptom changes between appointments. Please see our Communication Policies.

Follow up appointments can range from 30-60 min depending on how many labs have to be reviewed  or whether we need to obtain more objective and subjective information (reformulating the treatment plan and answer questions). Brief follow up visits can be 15-30 min. for less complex conditions.